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Lemna is a simple free-floating aquatic plant from the Lemnoideae family.

Lemnoideae (Lemna) is a family that includes both Lemna and Wolffia. We primarily use Lemna in our products.

Lemna is one of the only plants that is considered a complete food source, meaning it can provide protein, fiber, fats, and micronutrients all in one. Higher in essential amino acids than soy or pea protein and comparable to whey protein.

Lemna double its biomass every 24 hours while retaining 98% of the water required to cultivate making it uniquely positioned to solve food insecurity among a world's growing population.

Water Security

As fresh water is becoming increasingly sparse, it is critical to conserve our water sources. Agriculture accounts for 70% of the world’s water consumption. No surprise since 1 pound of beef requires 1,822 gallons of water and 1 pound of whey requires 7 gallons.

The farms that grow Lemna however, can recycle 98% of its water usage.

When choosing Real Source products, you are choosing to be green.

Land Security

Lemna ponds sit on non-arable land previously inhabited by orange groves so we'll never need to destroy land or contribute to deforestation.

Simply stated, we do not need that much land. Lemna produces 22,748 pounds per acre per year. Compare that to Soybean which provides 3,684 pounds per acre per year.

Selecting Real Source products as part of your daily nutrition helps move the world towards a more sustainable future.

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