The global population is expected to grow 23% by 2050 to 9.6 billion people. Figuring out how to feed all these people while also protecting our planet is one of the greatest challenges of our time. With our demanding consumption we would need to increase food production by 70%. This will result in a huge pressure on arable land and water supply.

The Plant Is The Hero

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Sadly, out of all the food that is currently produced, roughly one-quarter of world’s food production gets lost or wasted between field and fork. We need to come up with more sustainable food solutions.

The plant-based protein we use in our products doesn’t need arable land to grow, just sunshine. This little plant grows in aqua farms in Florida where an incredible 98% of the water used gets recycled for the next batch. For our products we are using the full plant, therefore there is zero waste. The production leaves no footprint for mother nature. The plant gives you all the benefits.   

Real Source Impact

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